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My Gorgeous Pet

Comb for Dog & Cats Cleaning Brush

Main Features:
● The comb releases a slight electric charge that reaches deeply into your pet's fur, finds the fleas, kills and stuns them, and gently removes them from your pet. Then instant results can be seen right before your eyes in few seconds.

● Simply comb through your pet’s fur and then the fleas will be found, killed, and removed from fur. Just need one combing to put both you and your pet at ease.

● Fleas are removed from your cat or dog without chemicals, pesticides, or toxins that harm your pet. Totally safe to your pet when using the comb.

● 2-in-1 comb. Help make the hair of your lovely pet neat and beautiful while removing those irritating flees. Not only save money but also make your time and energy available for other things to do.

● Suitable for pets of all ages with different fur lengths. Buy one comb and use on your cat, dog and so on. The comb is perfect match with other pets no matter how long the fur is. And it undoubtedly could be used in family or pet nursery.

Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic
Size: 240X170X30mm/94.49X66.93/11.81"
Battery: 2 X AA batteries (Without battery)
Uses: Pet Anti Flea
dog vacuum brush: pet flea comb
comb for dogs: electric flea comb for pets
flea comb: dog comb
Package included: 1 X Pet Anti Flea Product