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Dog Hoodie Winter Pet

About this item

  • 1,clothes for pets,The dog's own thermoregulatory ability is not sensitive, Particularly susceptible to air and temperature effects,In an air-conditioned room or in the cold spring and autumn of the morning and evening,Give your pet dog a dress to better protect her body temperature and prevent colds.
  • 2,Pet Cat Dog Sweater,Dogs will have a large number of hair loss during the hair change period, Causes a lot of pet hair to appear in the house, Give your pet dog a clothes, To better keep your home clean.
  • 3,Dogs often need to go out to exercise, When the dog isplaying, lt is easy to get some dirt such as weeds and insects on your hair., Give your dog to wear clothes, To better protect her hair and clean.
  • 4,Dog in the cold winter, The body will feel very cold,Give your pet dog a dress, To better help it through the cold winter.
  • 5,If you attend an event or a party, Give your pet dog a Fashion clothes, Make your dog very eye-catching, whether it is outdoors or indoors, Let your pet be as beautiful and handsome as you.


Material: 100% Cotton
Type: Dogs
Season: All seasons
Pattern: Letter
Type of dog clothes: Dog Clothes
Thickness: Medium
Cleaning method: Hand wash/Machine wash
Size: Perfect for small and medium sized dogs
For: Winter Pet Clothes
Search Word: roupa para cachorro
Other Words: opa para perro
camiseta perro verano: opa mascotas verano
clothes for dogs: ropa de perros mascotas